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The Key to Looking Young

To look younger than our actual age is a boost to our self-esteem. To be commented upon our friends and colleagues that you look like twenty something instead of thirty something is indeed a nice thing to hear.

One of the factors that delay our age processing is the lifestyle we adapt. Do you know that one stick of cigarette takes away seven minutes of your life? But if you live healthily, without any vices, then it is very possible to look and feel younger.

As we grow older, the regeneration of our cells in the body becomes slower. By eating the right kinds of food like whole grains, fruits and vegetables, it can promote cell regeneration and fight the free radicals inside our body. Aside from having healthy meal, we should also take daily supplements like multi-vitamins to help our body meet the daily nutritional needs. It is during the night when our body detoxify and regenerates; so it is very important to get an good night’s rest in order to do that.

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One of the causes for aging is the everyday stress we experience. Reduce stress by doing things that relaxes you. Read a book, see a movie, eat, sleep; do all of these things to keep you feeling younger.

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